India is a country which takes pride in its secular trait. Being a nation which is fast shedding its dogmatic garbs and coming out of the conservative closet, now it is common to see couples from different communities tying the knot in an amicable arrangement. Besides, the concept of arranged marriage is also taking a backseat. Now, the society has got much more liberal and a free-thinking one. So, love marriages have become the norm, rather than the aberration it once was.

So, when two people from different religions decide to walk the aisle, the family needs to prepare multifaith wedding invitations. But there are a few things which can go wrong with such cards. Here is a gist:

  1. In a multifaith wedding, you must ensure that the card is being designed in keeping with the requirements of the religions of both the parties. At times, either out of haste or owing to negligence or due to lack of knowledge, one may end up ordering a set of cards which defy certain norms of either party. This can be a big mistake since it will offend or upset the party and can put a little strain on the inter-family relationship. It can also dampen the spirit of the marriage to a certain extent.
  2. Another mistake which people make at times with multifaith wedding invitations is that they forget to include words in multiple languages. For instance, if a Hindu boy is marrying a South Indian girl, then the family of the boy must print cards which will have the dates, wordings and request for invitations in both the Hindi language as well as in the preferred South Indian language (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc).

Hence, it is always better to look for a professional designer who has got experience and expertise of printing multifaith wedding invitations.

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