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August 22, 2004



“Among his signs is this,
that he created for you mates
from among yourselves,
that ye may dwell in tranquility
with them, and he has put love and mercy between your hearts”
Holy Qur’an 30:21

In Islam, marriage is known by the Arabic term, Nikaah, and is considered an agreement between the couple and Allah.


XXX arrives at the Hilton Grand Ballroom accompanied by his immediate family and groomsmen. XXX remains in another room awaiting her entrance and cannot come outside during the time. Before XXX entrance into the ballroom, the Imam XXX Westmaas (officiant) enters the ballroom and awaits XXX entrance. XXX makes his grand entrance preceded by his groomsmen and his mother XXX, sisters YYY, XXX, XXX and brother XXX and proceeds to the ceremonial table. The MC will then make the opening remarks, welcoming everyone and introduces the Imam to commence the ceremony.


The Imam starts the ceremony by explaining the aspects of a Muslim wedding. He then proceeds by calling for 2 credible witnesses and the ‘Wakeel’ (whom the bride empowers to provide the proposal of the wedding on her behalf). YYY has empowered her father to be the Wakeel in proposing the marriage of her behalf. Once the witnesses and the Wakeel has placed themselves beside the ceremonial table, the next part of the Muslim ceremony is to obtain acceptance from the groom for the wedding proposal and this must be asked and accepted 3 times. Once Feyaz has accepted the proposal 3 times, the Imam will then instruct the witnesses and the Wakeel to bring YYY to the ceremonial table.

YYY will then make her grand entrance into the ballroom, first being preceded by her sisters Melissa and Melanie and the rest of the bridal party. Next her mother Beanti and father Bertram enters the ballroom leading the pathway for their daughter’s entrance. YYY then immediately follows her parent’s path, being carried in a ‘Haudaj’ (carriage) as a princess meeting her prince, with music playing in the background. Once YYY reaches the ceremonial table, her parents escort her out of the Haudaj to the table to continue with the Muslim ceremony.



The Imam will present a reading of the Holy Qu’ran on the meaning of marriage and the couple’s responsibility to each other. XXX and YYY will then share a single glass of sharbat, followed by the exchanging of rings to symbolize their commitment to one another.

To complete the nikaah, XXX and XXX will then rise to give salutations of peace “As-Salamu YYY”


The Imam at this time will then make a supplication (dua) to God All Mighty to bless the couple and their union.


After the ceremony, the festivities continue with a walima, or wedding reception, for family and friends to celebrate the marriage. The reception includes dancing and a wedding feast of delicious foods and desserts.


The Walima ends with XXX departure with XXX. This is known as the Dokhla. This farewell is traditionally an emotional part of the day because it symbolizes the bride leaving her parental home to begin a life with her husband. However, in this case, XXX and YYY leave as the most happiness couple on the earth, as they have found their soul mate, their destiny that walked beside them, hand in hand.

Special Thanks

We would like to sincerely thank you, friends and love ones, for sharing us the sweet moments of our wedding day. Words can never tell the joy that is ours today, knowing that you’ve shared in the beginning of our life together.

To those friends and loved ones from abroad; Toronto, England, California, New Jersey, and Florida, our hearts are filled with so much happiness that you took time out of your busy lives to be with us today. It really shows the love and support that surrounds us, that makes us the wealthiest couple in the world.



To those friends and loved ones in Trinidad, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for attending this special day. There would be no other place we would rather share this day, than in Trinidad, a country that not only that holds our family history, but also distills an atmosphere of family values to flourish.

We love you all and we hope that family remains a strong integral part of your life.






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