Whether it is a civil or religious wedding, this is the first concrete step! You embarked on the organization of your wedding a few months ago, you have chosen the theme of your wedding, and you are now preparing to invite your family and loved ones for the most beautiful day of your life!

  • Choose the right wedding stationery, and don’t underestimate the art of paper! Sometimes a beautiful paper has just as much effect as a worked design if you like sobriety, bet on quality stationery: kraft paper, beautiful recycled paper, or paper with a high grammage! You can also add gilding, varnish, glossy paper, a chiseled edge, a small cord, a piece of raffia, an embossing… And why not a round invitation? The small details will make all their effect!
  • Do not forget to choose a model to share that is available. Indeed, it is wise to check that the site offers a matching range: envelopes, mass booklets, place cards, candy boxes, seating plans, menus, thank you cards … not an obligation, but it will give consistency to your marriage. Some sites even offer many derivative objects: photo books, matchboxes, candles, labels for wine bottles, etc.
  • To announce the happiest day of your life, first of all, choose an invitation that suits you! A solemn invitation for a religious wedding, or a humorous invitation for a straightforward wedding… it’s up to you!

The different options to design your invitation

Designing an invitation is not an easy task, three solutions are available to you:

  • Create your own announcement: if you or your loved ones have mastered page layout software and you have the time. Once the announcement has been created, all you have to do is go to a printer to have it printed. You will have the advantage of being able to choose your stationery. It is the cheapest solution!
  • Personalized announcements: many sites offer personalized creations. After choosing your template, you will be able to add your texts, change the layout, colors and personalize your invitation. It is the best value for money and ideal if you are not a great creative.
  • Make it custom-made. Many sites offer to start from an existing model or simply of your desires to design a personalized wedding invitation, a real tailor-made creation! You can also call on a graphic designer, a creative studio, or an illustrator to design and personalize your invitation as you wish. This is the solution if you have a very specific idea in mind or if you want a unique invitation.

Organizing a wedding is not easy. But creating the invitations is the first step in organizing the wedding. So courage, the machine is launched! Everyone has now reserved their date for your happy event!